Friday, August 12, 2016


Ever since i took this photo my friends thought i am Golden Churn Ambassador :p

The beautiful Golden Churn Variant.

Golden Churn Butter are the landmark of the culinary journey in Malaysia, it has been over 70 years Golden Churn has been as a key ingredient in our culinary daily. Golden Churn has been getting better and better. The latest Golden Churn Spreadable range introduces its most sought-after, trusted butter paired with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Avocado Oil.


Golden Churn Butter has been a leading international brand of premium quality and flavor and lives up to its tagline “Goodness Guaranteed.” The trusted taste is well-known by bakers, chefs, mums, and almost everyone that has experienced a butter moment with Golden Churn.

Golden Churn Spreadable with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Complementing the premium quality and flavour of Golden Churn Butter, the Mediterranean taste emanates from Australian cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and contains 25% less fat than typical spreadable butters. With no artificial colours or flavours, it provides extensive health benefits from olive oil which is loaded with antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. It’s perfect for cooking or spreading directly onto fresh bread. What i love about this Golden Churn Spreadable with Extra Virgin Olive Oil is richness and the wonderful flavour plus the ability to reduce 25% of fat is just amazing.

Golden Churn Spreadable with Avocado Oil
The iconic Golden Churn Butter, combined with Australian cold pressed Avocado Oil creates a creamy, nutty flavour and has 25% less fat than the typical spreadable butters. With no artificial colours and flavours premium avocado oil has various health benefits. The monounsaturated fats help in improving skin tone, potassium for regulating blood pressure, and the dietary fibre helps to control blood sugar levels. Satisfy you sense of adventure and try this product in a gourmet sandwich.

Me and Chef Wan

The launch of these innovative products was held at The Talent Lounge, Empire Damansara on 11th August 2016. The overall event had a very comfortable, familiar and close-to-home mood and ambience. Golden Churn Butter has been in the Malaysian market for a very long time and is undoubtedly the trusted choice of premium butter of the community especially moms.

The event began with a welcome speech by Jonathan Sekhon - General Manager of Sales which was insightful and enthusiastic in introducing their latest products; Golden Churn Spreadable with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Golden Churn Spreadable with Avocado Oil. 

Quoting his welcoming speech, "With the introduction of these 2 new products, Golden Churn just got even better. Our innovation teams have combined our quality butter with very healthy oils to invent tasty new products”.

Jonathan Sekhon- General Manager of Sales

The event then sizzled when a cooking demo by Malaysian Favourite Chef, Chef Wan which he is also demoing the two new recipes inspired by the Golden Churn latest variant.

Chef  Wan preparing Lebanese Rice Cuisine using 
Golden Churn Spreadable with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chef Wan's Muffin using the Golden Churn Spreadable with Avocado Oil 

The Golden Churn Spreadable with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Golden Churn Spreadable with Avocado Oil are easy to identify with the brilliant new metallic tubs which displays the elegance and premium taste that is goodness guaranteed.

Where can you get these beautiful Golden Churn butter?  They are available at most leading hypermarkets and supermarkets at RM 16.22 (RCP).

For more information log on to .

Sunday, November 15, 2015

day 2 krabi-phuket-krabi

The next morning is way more exciting! WHY???? 
Because we went to PHUKET!!!! 
What is it there in Phuket? There are many places to visit there plus you can shop a lot too!!

We start our trip early which is we start at 8Am Malaysia time. First we went for breakfast at a Muslim shop near our hotel.. Next we proceed to Phuket.. It is about 3 hours journey from Krabi to Phuket. 

me being the excited one early in the morning

breakfast at the local store near our hotel

my meal

our journey to phuket

When we arrived there, first we went to Madunan Tshirt factory Phuket for souvenir shopping. Be Aware! You might shop till you drop there! As the price is very reasonable and the tshirt quality is very good.. p/s: make sure to pay a visit there. Why don’t you go to the branded outlet? Well for me i am going for a budget travel so i do not want to spend my money that way.. Well proceed....

welcome to Phuket. Sawadee kaa

us at madunan with mr Madunan , the owner of Madunan Tshirt factory Phuket, p/s: Mr madunan is my friends in UiTM's uncle..

After a great moment shopping at Madunan, we went to the most beautiful Patong beach. I am sure you guys also might know or hear about Patong beach right? Patong beach was also affected due to Tsunami attack on 2004 which hits and destroy Phuket quite bad, it then rebuild and way more beautiful and scenic view..


patong beach, Phuket

group photo

scenic view of Patong beach Phuket, it is just too beautiful

beautiful people featuring beautiful view

candid shot

Next, we walk around at Bangla road. A really suitable place to shop.

us at Bangla road

my selfie with others candid picture in front of Hard Rock Cafe Phuket

Then, we went for island hopping to koh panyee and james bond island. Koh Panyee is a Muslim fishing village which located at an island in Phang Nga Province. Based on history it was built by indonesian fishermen before. The place is unique and there you are able to shop for local snack and souviners too . Next, we proceed to James Bond island which is about 10 minutes boat ride from koh panyee. But sadly we can’t go near to the island due to the water level dropped in evening as we went there quite late. It is so frustrating to be unable to go near it.... after James Bond island it is the time to make our way back to the main land, but surprisingly our boat got stuck and could not move as it is stuck to the sand.. Then we get off the  boat and help the boat man to push the boat to the suitable place till the water level is sufficient for the boat to move..


excited faces

boat ride to koh panyee

beautiful koh panyee

scenic view i managed to captured

james bond island ( the smallest in between the islands)

disappointed faces with beautiful james bond island and other few islands :/

We arrives main land and make our way back to Krabi. After arrives at krabi we went to Krabi night market, there you can get the local food, souvenirs and etc.

traditional dance performed by local children in the night market


coconut ice cream

drink in bamboo

quill egg with soy sauce and pepper

Thailand fried ice cream serve with whip cream

Lastly we make our way back to Aonang and head straight to our hotel and rest, plus getting ready for the next day..

Day 1 journey pen-bukit kayu hitam-krabi

Oh hey hello!!
Alright as I promised to share my days of my trip to Krabi and Phuket so here it is…
Day 1
I start my journey at 5 AM from Island Plaza Bus Stop, the place where the van that I will be hop on from Penang and hop off at Bukit Kayu Hitam. 

the time while waiting for my van from penang to bukit kayu hitam

Next, we arrived at Bukit Kayu Hitam at 8.00 AM as the traffic near Changloon was quite busy that morning. Then we gather near Sadao, Thailand Border and get our passport stamp and get to the van. There you goes… our journey begin…

our van there :)

We first stop for breakfast at Kak Sah Muslim Kitchen along the journey. The food is really good but a bit pricy.. After the meal we continue our journey to Krabi. We then arrives Krabi at 4PM Malaysia time and stop at the National Park of Thailand (Had Noppharathara- Mu Koh Phi Phi National park) for a photo session there. The place located near to the place where we are going to hop on the boat for island hopping.

our first view of krabi, why do i post this? i think the stone cave seems unique and beautiful

our early view of aonang beach 

our selfie at the national park

After the photo session, we then head straight to our hotel. In about 10 minute journeys from the national park to our hotel, we arrived. We stayed at Aonang Cozy Place during our stay in Krabi. The place is cozy and beautiful. It is located near the Aonang night walk which is very convenient for us to move around the town. We then checked in, and rest till 6PM Malaysia time then we continue our tentative, which we went for dinner at A-Hud Seafood a muslim restaurant in Aonang. The meal is superrrrbbb as I ordered noodle tomyam and a glass of strawberry slushy. The noodle is biggggg! Not like the normal Kuey tiew that we used to have here in Malaysia, the spices is just well blend and the spiciness is just such a turn on. What I love the most is the green tea as it taste so unique and you would love it!!!!

our room at aonang cozy place

but first! lets have a bed selfie

my first dinner in krabi...

After dinner, we proceed to the black crab statue for a photo stop, then we head to Aonang night walking street which located just across Aonang beach. There are so many shop selling souvenir and stuff for reasonable and some might be super cheap!!! I did get some souvenir for my family and friends back home, plus I did also get myself a water proof bag! Wohoo as I would be going for water activities, the water proof bag is a necessity as I don’t want my stuff to get broken and wet.. you can get it at the price as low as THB300 but it depends of the type and the sizes too which you might get it in Malaysia for about RM80++. During my walk that night I did stop for a light snack, which I get myself a must try krabi Pancake! So I get myself Nutella Banana Pancake for THB60.. We then continue walking and stop at a stall for mango sticky rice there. It taste gooodddd and it cause me THB120. But, you can get much cheaper as you walk. As we found mango sticky rice were sell for THB50 only! And it looks more tastier than the one we had before.. :/

a picture of me and the black crab

a wefie at Aonang night market

Next, we walk around and make our journey back to our hotel and rest.

Stay with my next update alright :*

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The enchanting cities of Thailand

Traveling surely an addictive activity,which when you travel , you would want to travel more and more. So during my final exam, i was thinking of going somewhere to relax my mind after a hectic weeks of final examination, so as i was browsing instagram page i saw a package which is super reasonable and quite cheap. not that i mean i have lots of money which i don't but the package and the tentative makes it looks cheap!

 i decided to take a package from an instagram travel to Krabi- Phuket- Hatyai for only Rm549! wow cheap isn't it? the package inclusive of accomodation, transportation through out the journey which starts from Bukit Kayu Hitam . Other than that, the package also inclusive of the tour, tipping, island hopping and snorkeling at Krabi 4 islands with lunch. The excluding are ticket for elephant ride, meals as not stated in itinerary. we did request to go to Hatyai Ice Dome and we also need to pay for the entrance fee as it is not mention in the itinerary of the package , plus there's no extra charge for the as it is not so far from floating market of Klonghae floating Market Hatyai

we gather at Bukit Kayu Hitam at 8.00am. then we proceed to Malaysia Immigration kaunter, next to sadao immigration and get our passport check and stamp. next, we hop on to our commuter van which is quite comfortable for a long journey travel. we arrived at 3pm Thailand, we checked in our hotel, rest and continue our program at 5.30pm Thailand. we had our meal and proceed to Aonang Night Walk Market.
we arrived krabi

our hotel room at Aonang Cozy Place, Cozy isn't it.

groupie at the Black Crab is a Must

Night walk


We proceed our day two to Phuket. Phuket is a beautiful city with a beautiful beach. there we went to Phuket tshirt Factory, Bangla road, Patong beach and island hopping to Koh Panyee and James bond island. Later that day we went back to krabi. 
welcome to Phuket
Madunan Tshirt Factory Phuket, with the Founder of Madunan Tshirt Factory(the one with the cap) Mr Madunan.

Hard Rock Cafe Phuket, Near Bangla Road

group photo at Patong beach Sign

beau-ti-ful Patong Beach

boat ride to Koh Panyee and James Bond Island

first stop Koh Panyee

Koh Panyee village

Our wefie with james bond island if u can see it

 james bond island from far, we cant go near to it as the water level drop and as our boat might get stuck to the sand...

Day 3 

we went for island hopping at Krabi Four islands, which are: Poda Island, Chicken Island, Tube island, Railey island. After the island hopping we went back to hotel for bathe and changed. then we went to a place called 7 Heaven.

boat ride to the 4 islands

snorkeling at Poda Island

chicken Island
fishes near Tube Island

Scenic view of Railey Island

this is a part of 7 heaven

Day 4

Before heading to Hatyai, we went for an elephant ride Ban Nong Thale for elephant ride and elephant feeding. Next we head to Hatyai. we went to Hatyai Ice Dome and klong hae floating market then head back to Bukit Kayu Hitam and journey home.

our elephant ride

me trying to be Ong Bak :P
hatyai ice dome

me in Ice dome

we arrived at floating market

Floating market..

alright i guess that is all for now. i will posting more details of my days there in my next post. and btw if you are interested for the package kindly whatsapp 01127011810 . Thanks for reading