Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Under Amour once again partnered with One Championship. They had announced their continuing partnership with One Championship (ONE), the largest sport media property in Asian history. The official ceremony was held at Under Armour’s Brand House in Mid Valley Megamall.

The announcement was made just one day before Malaysia completes 59 years of Independence, the partnership became more celebratory as it comes mere days before the return of ONE Championship, each fighter was presented with personalized gift by Triple Private Limited, the exclusive distributor of Under Armour in Southeast Asia.

Adrian Chai, Chief Marketing Officer representing Triple Private Limited, also present Rich Franklin, Vice President of ONE Championship. 

with Rich Franklin

with MMA fighter Peter Davis

With Hansen Lee the MC of the partnership ceremony.

In line with the national day celebrations and in true Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) spirit, gracing the partnership ceremony were Malaysian fighters Ev Ting, Peter Davis, Agilan Thani, Muhammad Aiman, the Subba brothers (Keanu Subba and Gianni Subba) and Saiful Merican.

From the left Rich Franklin, Saiful Merican, Ev Ting, Agilan Thani, Gianni Subba, Keanu Subba, Muhammad Aiman, Peter Davis and Adrian Chai.


Adrian Chai

“What a great way to welcome ONE Championship back to Malaysia! It is an amazing opportunity for us to be once again associated with the hottest MMA event in Asia, and possibly one of the best in the world. As Triple, we stand for – fighting spirit, endurance, respect and a do-or-die attitude – so teaming up with ONE Championship was rather simple decision to make,” said Adrian Chai.

Later that afternoon, selected media was given the chance to undergo MMA beginner’s workout session led by Rich Franklin at Monarchy MMA Bangsar.

Rich Franklin

 “We were indeed glad to have Under Armour S.E.A on board once again with ONE Championship. In fact, the brand and the tournament go back a long way, cross-collaborating on various initiatives, and we look to crossing greater boundaries together with Under Armour S.E.A, as we expand even beyond Asia and cement our mark in the international MMA arena,” said Rich Franklin.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Last Saturday, aiman, ekin (aiman's friend) and me had participated in a forest run which we ourselves had never experienced before and we took up the challenge by attending as part of the media and participated in the run.

Our excited faces before the run starts

Merapoh Forest Run 2016 or better known as MFR2016 was once again successfully held in Pahang National Park, here in Sungai RelauKuala LipisPahang with the attendance of about 700 people. The number of participants who participated in this 2016 MFR has surpassed the entries from the previous year- MFR2015 which both were organized by Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia (WSFFM). Surely, the event has captured the hearts people, especially extreme runners, long distance professional runners, amateurs and nature lovers.

President of WSFFM Col. Associate (PA) Puan Sri to Puan Datuk Shariffa Sabrina bt Syed Akil highlighted that “the newly introduced category 12km B17 Men and Women has attracted more than 200 participants in adolescent aged between 14-17 years old. This is definitely a healthy development plus a way of educating people to treasure and appreciate nature. Not forgetting the 25km and 15km Men and Women category that was meant for the more challenging option, the newly added category of 12km B17 has given an amazing experience to the younger participants to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Pahang National Park, which Pahang National Park is also the oldest rainforest in the world – over 132 million years to date.” In her speech before flagging off the participants. Also present was Padang Tengku State Assemblyman, YB Dato Mustapa Bin Long, Lipis MP and General Manager of Tourism Dato’ Ishak Bin Mokhtar.

Similar to last year’s edition, MFR2016 route proved as challenging and difficult with the route comprising less than 30% steep hills and 30 metres height above sea level. Pahang National Park, Sungai Relau is the second entrance to Pahang National Park and Gunung Tahan. Located 244km from the city of Kuala Lumpur, Merapoh has more than 500 limestone caves that are unique and suitable for eco-tourism destination and also known as one of the favourite destination for extreme enthusiasts, climbers and cave explorers.

the first group of participants of 25km run starts the run

MFR2016 was attended by Asian and national marathon runners, amateur runners, students of higher education institutions, school students, government, corporate and individuals to experience and admire the beauty of Pahang National Park, Sungai Relau.

group photo before the run starts

due to tough route, they chose to walk :p

Based on my personal experienced in MFR2016, it is truly satisfying to be able to enjoy and admire the beautiful rainforest of Merapoh, as well as to be able to create awareness and encourage teenager and youngsters to participate in conservation of our nature.

" The Freshest Air that you will be inhale", the quote that mentioned by Puan Sri Sabrina. I will not deny that as it is sooo true! 

i can't stop taking scenic and beautiful pictures of the view of Merapoh.

we managed to complete the 12km run although it is actually for B17, please excuse us as we were the only members of the media who joined the run :p

MFR2016, is the second edition of Merapoh Forest Run that started last year which is held in the same location, was also included in Visit Pahang 2017 Tourism and Tourism Pahang Calendar. The event was in partnership with Tourism Pahang, PERHILITAN, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, Pahang, Tourism Malaysia Pahang, and Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia (PEKA Malaysia) and supported by the Committee of Tourism & Culture Pahang, Lipis District and Land and Malaysia Tourism Council (MTC). The event was sponsored by Revive Isotonic Drinks, Tanah Aina Resort and Mutiara Taman Negara Pahang with other support from corporate companies MNM, Richnetworks and individuals.

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Friday, August 12, 2016


Ever since i took this photo my friends thought i am Golden Churn Ambassador :p

The beautiful Golden Churn Variant.

Golden Churn Butter are the landmark of the culinary journey in Malaysia, it has been over 70 years Golden Churn has been as a key ingredient in our culinary daily. Golden Churn has been getting better and better. The latest Golden Churn Spreadable range introduces its most sought-after, trusted butter paired with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Avocado Oil.


Golden Churn Butter has been a leading international brand of premium quality and flavor and lives up to its tagline “Goodness Guaranteed.” The trusted taste is well-known by bakers, chefs, mums, and almost everyone that has experienced a butter moment with Golden Churn.

Golden Churn Spreadable with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Complementing the premium quality and flavour of Golden Churn Butter, the Mediterranean taste emanates from Australian cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and contains 25% less fat than typical spreadable butters. With no artificial colours or flavours, it provides extensive health benefits from olive oil which is loaded with antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. It’s perfect for cooking or spreading directly onto fresh bread. What i love about this Golden Churn Spreadable with Extra Virgin Olive Oil is richness and the wonderful flavour plus the ability to reduce 25% of fat is just amazing.

Golden Churn Spreadable with Avocado Oil
The iconic Golden Churn Butter, combined with Australian cold pressed Avocado Oil creates a creamy, nutty flavour and has 25% less fat than the typical spreadable butters. With no artificial colours and flavours premium avocado oil has various health benefits. The monounsaturated fats help in improving skin tone, potassium for regulating blood pressure, and the dietary fibre helps to control blood sugar levels. Satisfy you sense of adventure and try this product in a gourmet sandwich.

Me and Chef Wan

The launch of these innovative products was held at The Talent Lounge, Empire Damansara on 11th August 2016. The overall event had a very comfortable, familiar and close-to-home mood and ambience. Golden Churn Butter has been in the Malaysian market for a very long time and is undoubtedly the trusted choice of premium butter of the community especially moms.

The event began with a welcome speech by Jonathan Sekhon - General Manager of Sales which was insightful and enthusiastic in introducing their latest products; Golden Churn Spreadable with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Golden Churn Spreadable with Avocado Oil. 

Quoting his welcoming speech, "With the introduction of these 2 new products, Golden Churn just got even better. Our innovation teams have combined our quality butter with very healthy oils to invent tasty new products”.

Jonathan Sekhon- General Manager of Sales

The event then sizzled when a cooking demo by Malaysian Favourite Chef, Chef Wan which he is also demoing the two new recipes inspired by the Golden Churn latest variant.

Chef  Wan preparing Lebanese Rice Cuisine using 
Golden Churn Spreadable with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chef Wan's Muffin using the Golden Churn Spreadable with Avocado Oil 

The Golden Churn Spreadable with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Golden Churn Spreadable with Avocado Oil are easy to identify with the brilliant new metallic tubs which displays the elegance and premium taste that is goodness guaranteed.

Where can you get these beautiful Golden Churn butter?  They are available at most leading hypermarkets and supermarkets at RM 16.22 (RCP).

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

day 2 krabi-phuket-krabi

The next morning is way more exciting! WHY???? 
Because we went to PHUKET!!!! 
What is it there in Phuket? There are many places to visit there plus you can shop a lot too!!

We start our trip early which is we start at 8Am Malaysia time. First we went for breakfast at a Muslim shop near our hotel.. Next we proceed to Phuket.. It is about 3 hours journey from Krabi to Phuket. 

me being the excited one early in the morning

breakfast at the local store near our hotel

my meal

our journey to phuket

When we arrived there, first we went to Madunan Tshirt factory Phuket for souvenir shopping. Be Aware! You might shop till you drop there! As the price is very reasonable and the tshirt quality is very good.. p/s: make sure to pay a visit there. Why don’t you go to the branded outlet? Well for me i am going for a budget travel so i do not want to spend my money that way.. Well proceed....

welcome to Phuket. Sawadee kaa

us at madunan with mr Madunan , the owner of Madunan Tshirt factory Phuket, p/s: Mr madunan is my friends in UiTM's uncle..

After a great moment shopping at Madunan, we went to the most beautiful Patong beach. I am sure you guys also might know or hear about Patong beach right? Patong beach was also affected due to Tsunami attack on 2004 which hits and destroy Phuket quite bad, it then rebuild and way more beautiful and scenic view..


patong beach, Phuket

group photo

scenic view of Patong beach Phuket, it is just too beautiful

beautiful people featuring beautiful view

candid shot

Next, we walk around at Bangla road. A really suitable place to shop.

us at Bangla road

my selfie with others candid picture in front of Hard Rock Cafe Phuket

Then, we went for island hopping to koh panyee and james bond island. Koh Panyee is a Muslim fishing village which located at an island in Phang Nga Province. Based on history it was built by indonesian fishermen before. The place is unique and there you are able to shop for local snack and souviners too . Next, we proceed to James Bond island which is about 10 minutes boat ride from koh panyee. But sadly we can’t go near to the island due to the water level dropped in evening as we went there quite late. It is so frustrating to be unable to go near it.... after James Bond island it is the time to make our way back to the main land, but surprisingly our boat got stuck and could not move as it is stuck to the sand.. Then we get off the  boat and help the boat man to push the boat to the suitable place till the water level is sufficient for the boat to move..


excited faces

boat ride to koh panyee

beautiful koh panyee

scenic view i managed to captured

james bond island ( the smallest in between the islands)

disappointed faces with beautiful james bond island and other few islands :/

We arrives main land and make our way back to Krabi. After arrives at krabi we went to Krabi night market, there you can get the local food, souvenirs and etc.

traditional dance performed by local children in the night market


coconut ice cream

drink in bamboo

quill egg with soy sauce and pepper

Thailand fried ice cream serve with whip cream

Lastly we make our way back to Aonang and head straight to our hotel and rest, plus getting ready for the next day..